Friday, February 13, 2009

Wheels of Glory II Results!

Thanks everyone for coming out to the races!

We definitely had a much much larger turn out as far as a crowd for this race.

In the end we generated $270 dollars for the Compton Drew Dolphin Bicycle Club which is almost double what we made for the charity in the January races. The bike club will now have more than enough money to get reflective cycling vests for all of the kids. Thank you everyone for donating the money. Helping these charities are really what these races are all about.

We had a hardware problem towards the end of the first round which took out one of the bikes. Basically, someone in the crowd stepped in an area that was blocked off and took out a necessary computer cable. We had to finish the rest of the rounds with only one bike. This caused us to cut more people each round than we wanted to in order to get through the races. One of our big goals in planning this second race was to keep more people in through all of the rounds, so loosing a bike part of the way through was a big disappointment for me and I'm sure for the crowd.

All in all I think the races went well. A lot of people got to ride, a good sized crowd got to watch, and hopefully everyone had fun.

Once again, there are a TON of pictures! You can find them both on Sara's flickr and on the Will Cycle for Charity picasa page. Thank you very much Sara and Carrie for the pictures. Also, a couple of friends came out to shoot some video of the event. Once they get the video over to me I'll be posting it online.

In the end, Seth Wahlman pulled off the win.

Followed closely by Richard Breininger in second

and Jason Zoll in third.

The final results were increadably close. All of the racers did an awesome job. I'll be posting the official results tomorrow.

Once again, thank you to everyone who came out. We had a lot of fun and did a lot of good for this month's charity. If you have any suggestions or feedback please feel free to email me or Will Cycle for Charity. I know we have some work to do as far as improving and perfecting our races so constructive feedback is always helpful. Check back to the blog and visit our website for future updates. We will be posting our calendar of events for this coming year and the flier for the next race on March 11th on the site shortly.


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