Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Matilda is Famous!

Yeah, that's my baby.

The guy(s(girl(s))) over at MyFixedGear.net posted pictures of my bike up on their site. The site is really cool. It's all pictures of fixed geared bikes from around the country (world??).

The site is really really easy to browse through which is one of the features that drew me to the site in the first place. I like sites like FixedGearGallery.com, but unless you like to click back and forth through pages they're kind of cumbersome to browse through. Also, I like the next bike button, which pulls up a random next bike to look at instead of just going to the next one down the list.

There's a pretty good mix of track bikes, road bike conversions, trick bikes, commuters, etc. Lots of stuff to look through. They get new bikes pretty regularly so its cool seeing all of the new stuff coming through. I like seeing the amount of character that come through on all of the bikes.

Anyway, its worth checking out. Thanks MyFixedGear.net for posting the pictures of Matilda.


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