Thursday, January 29, 2009

Race Sponsors and Prizes

Once again, Maplewood Bicycles and Computer Solutions have been kind enough to sponsor the races by providing the necessary hardware. Thank you very very much. Without their help the event would not be possible.

Also, we have had our first two prize offerings. Both Big Shark and A&M Bicycles will be providing prizes for these races.

A&M will be donating various cycling parts an accessories.

Big Shark will be giving Tour of Missouri Sprinters jerseys to the nights winners.

Thanks Mike and Karl for offering up prizes for the winners.

Like last time, a portion of the money generated from the racers will go to the nights winner. The split may not be 50/50 like it was last time, but we will make up for it with prizes. Also, it is a charity ride so the overall goal should be to help the kids and overall to have fun.


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