Saturday, May 9, 2009

Crank and Click, City wide scavenger hunt

Well, after a bit of a hiatus we're back with another cycling event.
That's right, a city wide scavenger hunt. A digital camera scavenger hunt to be exact. You won't need to carry around objects in your bag, just your camera so you can snap some pics of items we've put on a list. We've picked specific objects around town and we've come up with some stuff you should be able to find anywhere.

This is a for fun event to benefit BikeWORKS over in tower grove park. Anyone is welcome to play. It's not a race so if this is your first ride of the season you'll be perfectly fine.

Our friends at SCOSAG have been kind enough to come up with a kids section of the hunt in tower grove park. This way you and your kids can play without worrying about taking them on the road.

Head over to the Will Cycle for Charity website to get all of the details.


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