Friday, March 13, 2009

Wheels of Glory 3

Ah, I'm back. First, to anyone out there who actually reads my blog, sorry about the huge delay on posting. I got caught up with a combination of work, illness, procrastination, and the desire to rest after the last race. This review is long overdue, so I'll get right into it:

The turn out for this third race was smaller than the second. It was more around the size of the first race which was fine. We had about as many racers as the second event though.

Thanks to Karl over at A&M we had many many more prizes to hand out to people.

Basically, we ran everyone through the first round as usual, and at the end we took the top distances and moved them on to the next round. We had a bit of a smaller crowd this race so we were able to keep more people in per round. We double, triple and quadruple checked the bike's calibration this time so they were completely even. We didn't have a bike that looked like it was winning over another bike. Also we had only minor bike malfunction this time that had us down one bike for maybe 6 minutes before it was back up. All in all I think the third race went the smoothest out of all of them. Third time's a charm.

In the end, Seth, Marcus and Jim won first, second, and third place respectively as far as the overall races.

Sorry Jim, I guess we didn't get an action shot of you in your power hoodie.

We also had a number of other winners for our age categories. Here's how the overall race broke down:

In the end, we generated about 350 dollars for SCOSAG which they'll be using to fund some awesome stuff for their kids.

Thanks for everyone who came out. You can see more pictures from the event here. Keep your eyes on the for information on the next bike event. It won't be updated for another week or so while we start to put together our plans for may, but once we're set we will post info. We're skipping April as far as putting on an official event (we all needed a bit of a break) and doing a group ride and movie night in May. More info to come.


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