Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wheels of Glory

On January 14th, The Atomic Cowboy will host Wheels of Glory Roller Races!

Basically, two stations will be set up with bikes mounted to rollers (for the first one they may be mounted on trainers) and as the two racers pedal the statistics for how fast and far they are going will be projected on the wall for everyone to see. The front forks for the bikes will be mounted to a solid structure so you don't have to worry about keeping balance on a full set of rollers.

The structure of the event will be two types of races:

- Bracket Races: Racers sign up and get placed on the bracket. Racers will face off one on one and the winner will go on to face other winners on the bracket. Last 3 racers will place. It's the standard Karate Kid tournament style bracket but with less karate fighting and more cycling.

-Top Speed Races: Racers have a set number of minutes (3 or 5) to hit their top speed. Top speeds for the night place.

The Atomic Cowboy and A&M Bicycles have been kind enough to offer up prizes for top racers. Hopefully after talking to a couple of other shops in town we'll have more prizes for people. Once I find out exactly what all of the prizes are I will post them on this blog. If you're a shop or a business and you would like to offer up a prize for the event, please shoot me an email.

All cyclists are welcome. This isn't a club race and it's not affiliated with any particular racing team. If you like riding bikes then you should come. If you don't like riding bikes you should come and watch.

There is no cover for the event so feel free to come and watch even if you don't want to race. There will be a $5 dollar fee to race. Half of the fee will go to the top bracket race winner (along with whatever prize is offered for first place) and the other half will be donated to a local charity (I haven't picked one in particular yet). The cowboy will be serving their regular menu so grab a bite while you watch the races.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me and I'll post the answers on this blog.

This event is all about having fun, so come out, bring your friends, grab a drink, and lets ride!!


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  1. Are you separating out girl / guy categories?